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32 Van City Part 1

We Went to Vancouver and had an amazing time eating shitty Raman and Doing all sorts of other stuff when we got to the hotel we decided that we should record a quick little episode and here it is !


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31 Annie!!!Versary!!!

Well its been a Year full of amazing things me and bob want to thank everyone that listens and cant wait for another year of content !!!


30 Talking about stuff and Getting Salty

We talk about a bunch of stuff and love every minute of it we talk disenchanted along with a bunch of movies and the big d we also throw alot of salt at our friends haha and we pull on the heart strings of the fernie brewing company 

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29 Legendary Monsters

This week we go deep really deep talking about the Legendary Monster movies and we hear some salt from Bob about them and Scott tries to get Instantpot to sponser the podcast also be sure to write in with your thoughts ideas and what ever else you can think of we would love to hear it .


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28 Ramblings of Madmen Again!!

Where Back at it again with some crazy stuff that we dont even know what the hell were talking about theres a little bit of everything in this episode hope that everyone enjoys it 


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27 Winner Winner Contest Dinner

Another new podcast coming from the best podcast in the elkvalley and it was a good one we had a winner of our xbox giveaway and his question was great we go deep on it and break down why sony can sometimes be like the little kid that doesnt wanna play with the other kids anyways be sure to check us out anywhere you can get it





25 Jurassic King of Beer-Rising Fun

Best Podcast in the elk valley is back again this time we get dino on your asses and head back to the 80s for some Wesley Snipes and Sean Connery action always much love for all of our supporters.

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24 Zilla

The Best podcast in the elk Valley is back and we checked out some godzilla stuff along with we are now on Spotify we also have a youtube channel thats kinda active we would love to hear from everyone that listens also please send us a message


23 Pacific Eastwood

The best Podcast in the Elk Valley is back again and we are talking Pacific Rim 1 and 2 be sure to check it out and check us out now on youtube along with twitter and all the there ways to check us out


22 Ramblings of Madmen

On this episode we proclaim ourselfs as the best Podcast in the Elk Valley we are crushing it here in Canada we talk about some of the cool stuff that happened at E3 along with what we have coming in the future with some talk about maybe making our own movie... hmm could be intresting Check it out 

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