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24 Zilla

The Best podcast in the elk Valley is back and we checked out some godzilla stuff along with we are now on Spotify we also have a youtube channel thats kinda active we would love to hear from everyone that listens also please send us a message


23 Pacific Eastwood

The best Podcast in the Elk Valley is back again and we are talking Pacific Rim 1 and 2 be sure to check it out and check us out now on youtube along with twitter and all the there ways to check us out


22 Ramblings of Madmen

On this episode we proclaim ourselfs as the best Podcast in the Elk Valley we are crushing it here in Canada we talk about some of the cool stuff that happened at E3 along with what we have coming in the future with some talk about maybe making our own movie... hmm could be intresting Check it out 

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21 Nick Szostakiwkyj Interview

Holy Crap we had the one and only Nick Szostakiwky on the podcast ad it was a total blast having him on he is an amazing guy and i suggest everyone go check out his movie Black Mountain Side 

@SzoWhat on twitter to find Nick 

his Movie is also on itunes

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20 Fallout Go

Fallout 76 and Pokemon along with a quick little game review of The Painters Apprentice thats out now on Steam we also talk about Bob going to japan and otafest in Calgary

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19 Question of the Passive

This Week we get into a question from a friend of the podcast and review a amazing game by household games we also talk about what we are going to be up to in the near future and we talk a little bit about infinity War

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18 Ready Player Moist

Thats Right another fun filled episode about and our reviews on Ready Player One was it what we wanted it to be ? maybe but the only way to find out is by checking out this hot new episode

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Travelling 5

went to calgary before scott left for new zealand.  our ramblings about superhero movies of the 90s and onward.


17 pre reddit player one

S has left for New Zealand for a couple of weeks so B is in charge for a bit... in this episode we ramble on and discuss hopes and expectations for Ready player one and random Vidya nonsense


15 Mountain Cop

Holy Crap we did it again!!! Another amazing podcast about a buch of random things that have no connection at all haha hope you enjoy and if you want hit us up on twitter with some questions or send us an email